Pricing is dependant on what your needs are. The more complex the painting is the more time I have to invest. Prices include freight and crate (within reason).

Some examples would be

16″x20″ (head study) $1,500.

18″x24″ $2,000.

24″x30″ or 24″36″ $3,500.

I also have access to frames at half price. You pay for the frame and hardware at my discount and I will frame the piece for a very small fee. If you want an odd size work I have a man that builds custom frames but they are more expensive. Also if we deviate from a standard size I will have to either buy or make stretchers, mount and prepair the canvas which again will add to the cost.


I feel it is best to post this information here so I don’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone with people who are not serious about buying. If you are interested in commissioning a painting please feel free to contact me. I require a 50% deposit when you commission a painting with the rest due upon completion. The deposit is non refundable.


I work from photographs. The better the photographs, the better the finished work is. In the photographs the dog must be intense – I can’t put it in there!

If you got this far I guess I didn’t scare you away. The thing is I try to make every painting as good as I can. I give 100% effort on every project. I truly want my clients to be happy.


You can contact me at


Phone: 812-235-3822

Please leave a message if I am not there.